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"Future medicines will be the medicine of frequencies."

Albert Einstein

Peninsula Energy Spa Update

It is with much joy that we announce the upcoming opening of the first 24-unit EESystem on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.


It has been a long wait but we are nearly there! We have just received confirmation that our system will soon be shipped to Australia, so stay tuned for opening dates.  

There has been an exponential worldwide interest in the EE-system which has resulted in long queues for production and installation. We had hoped to be open by mid year, however, delays in receiving the system has been beyond our control. We expect to be open in the coming months. Until then we will do everything to be ready on time to be able to welcome you as our guest.​



 In the meantime, pre-launch packages available for purchase soon.  We look forward to everyone benefitting from this incredible, frequency-based technology.

Good news! We have Bioscalar Enhanced products from EESystem available to purchase now!

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Energy Enhancement System

Peninsula Energy Spa offers a variety of daytime sessions of shorter & longer duration and overnight stays to suit your goals. Recharge,  reGENEerate, restore & revitalise whilst being bathed in the photonic light spa and scalar wave energy. ​ This amazing system generates bio-active energy fields that can help with everything from cell regeneration to mood elevation. Simply lay back on a recliner, relax & let the EESystem meditate you into a blissful state.

- 50% Off
- Early Bird Access
- Bonus Hours
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Read what others say about their personal experiences with the EESystem 
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