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EESystem Sessions

Peninsula Energy Spa Sessions

Peninsula Energy Spa is equipped with a 24-unit Energy Enhancement System. 

While relaxing in a comfy recliner, your body will be immersed in bio-scalar waves, a frequency, or energy that is invisible to the naked eye but can be felt. Most people report deep relaxation, an ability to go into a deep meditative state, and most fall asleep. Think of it as a power nap that resets the entire body. More importantly than how you feel with the sessions, is what is happening on the inside of your body that you cannot feel. One of the key benefits to the scalar waves is that it decreases inflammation in your body and detoxifies the cells. This is why most people report decreased pain, improved ability to sleep and an increased feeling of wellbeing. 

Sessions are booked in blocks of 2 hours in the EESystem. You can choose to book a single session or back-to-back session on the same day. Bring a loved one and enjoy the energy spa together.

- Session Bookings -

Coming Soon!

Online session bookings will be enabled as soon. We are waiting on the system to be installed. Please join our mailing list to be updated of our opening. We look forward to welcoming you to Peninsula Energy Spa. In the meantime, we  pre-launch packages available to purchase at heavily discounted rates & the opportunity to be the first to use the spa before we open to the public.

EESystem Sessions

Day Sessions

Day Sessions will be available to be booked at the following times when we open:


Session 1: 9am-11am

Session 2: 12pm -2 pm

Session 3: 3pm-5pm

Session 4: 6pm-8pm

Scalar Slumber sessions will be available in the coming months after the spa opens. Night Sessions run for 10 hours from 9pm-7am. Night Sessions will be request-based only & need to be booked via phone so that spa staff can assess whether guest needs can be met during after hours sessions.

Night Sessions

In the coming months after we open we will be announcing special sessions such as: Sound Bath sessions, Yoga sessions, Special Needs Sessions, Pet Sessions & much more.

Join our Mailing List to hear about our upcoming program & events.

Special Sessions

  • How long is a typical session & how many sessions do I need?
    The frequency of treatment depends on what you want to accomplish and how much Scalar Energy affects your body. Although this is difficult to quantify, the effects of the energy tend to be cumulative and, relative to one’s lifestyle, the benefits tend to keep building. Our best answer is work towards a base of 20 hours. Work within your budget and keep those 20 hours as close together as possible. Many people who travel from out of state/region accomplish 20 hours over a 3 to 5 day period. Those who live more locally are doing 4 hours to 6 hours 2x a week until they reach 20 hours and then weekly until goals are met.
  • What should I bring?
    - Small pillow or cushion - Blanket/shawl - Socks - Water Bottle (can be purchased on site) - Ear Plugs (can be purchased on site) - Eye Mask (can be purchased on site) - A healthy snack. Food is not allowed in the EESystem room itself. You may choose to bring food with you. A guest fridge is provided for your convenience. Please clearly label any food items and ensure they are in a container or zip lock bag. - Medications that you require. Medication can be stored in the guest fridge if it requires refrigeration. Please label and bag all medication.
  • How do I prepare for a session?
    Please complete the client intake form emailed to you with a link Dress comfortably with layers that you can adjust if you get too warm. While the room is always temperature-controlled, as the body relaxes or you fall asleep, the result for some people is that they may feel a little chilly as they relax. Be sure you are not hungry, but don’t eat a giant meal before your session. The rest/repair part of our nervous system also controls digestion. To optimize your energy enhancement effects, it’s good to be comfortably full, but not expending energy on digestion. Drink lots of water before the session (preferably lemon water). This will help your body detoxify itself. Also, remember to drink lots of water during and after your session as well. Filtered and energised water will be provided in the EESystem lounge room. Come with an open heart and mind, ready to unplug, relax, and support your body’s natural healing ability.
  • Whilst you are with us...
    Bathrooms accessible at any time during your session. The Centre has a disability access toilet for guest use. Please move quietly when exiting and entering the EESystem room so as not to disturb others. We provide complimentary purified water, daily purified water with fruit infusions, hot water and organic herbal teas. We have a ramp for those with limited mobility. Please notify us ahead of time if you will require these. We recommend you book your next appointment before you leave to ensure you get your preferred time and day as some days/times book out more frequently than others. Overnight sessions: please read the section dedicated to overnight stay information. Mobile phones and electronic devices are not allowed in the EESystem room and can be left securely in the guest lockers provided for your convenience. Peninsula Energy Spa shop at reception has a sea salt & bicarbonate soda blend (charged in the EESystem) for sale for you to enjoy a detox bath at home after your session.
  • What does a session look like?
    Sessions are booked on the hour for a minimum of two hours in a semi-private room with a variety of recliner chairs and sun loungers, where you can recline and relax or sleep. While there may be other individuals in the system with you, we encourage you to take the time to go inward and relax. Please keep conversation to an absolute minimum and be mindful of others’ need for quiet to relax. Dim lights (except those of the EESystem itself) and ambient music will set the tone to fully surrender and let go.
  • What can I expect to feel during a session?
    People have commented that they are surprised how their brain shuts off and clears and how deeply relaxed they feel within minutes. Some individuals report feeling a subtle tingly sensation immediately upon entering the room. Afterward, many people report feeling immediately energised, improved sleep, and simply feeling “good” and ready to conquer their week. We look forward to sharing more experiences with you hear as we receive client feedback via our post-session evaluation forms. You may visit our testimonials page to hear about other people’s experiences.
  • Post-session Care
    HYDRATION Please hydrate yourself adequately as this will help flush toxins/wastes and support the body’s natural detoxification pathways. SALT BATH The Inventor of the Energy Enhancement System, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael “insists” on a 30-minute salt bath after each session and recommends additional soaks in the days that follow. This is necessary to support the detoxification and healing process. If neglected, achy joints, headaches and body aches can result for some people. If full body baths aren’t an option a foot bath is highly recommended. Salt bath within 24 hours of your session is highly recommended to help flush out toxins/wastes. Do not use Epsom Salts in your bath immediately after EESystem sessions as this does not assist in the extraction of toxins, rather it draws magnesium into your body which is opposite to the effect of detoxing/drawing out toxins/wastes from your body. Sea salts are required for the assistance of toxin/waste extraction and are best used together with sodium bicarbonate in your bath. A combination blend of pure sea salts and sodium bicarbonate is available for sale at our Center. EAT CLEAN Now that you’ve raised your cells electrical charge the best way to benefit from it is by eating healthy organic whole foods that are rich in nutrition. Avoid fast foods and foods saturated in hydrogenated or fried oils, preservatives, artificial flavourings, and colours. MEDALLIONS & BRACELETS Consider purchasing a scalar enhanced bracelet/pendant to keep your aura bio-energy field surrounded with scalar energy while not in our EESystem lounge. These products retain their charge forever. Also available for kids and pets.
  • Overnight Sessions
    A rejuvenating overnight session lasting 10 hours starting at 9:00pm and ending at 7:00am. Must arrive at 8:30pm. Night sessions cannot be booked online. Please contact the Spa by phone or email to request an overnight session. Feel free to bring your own pillow or doona/blanket. We cannot accommodate those with limited mobility during overnight session, however, we do have the staff and ability to do this during regular daytime session hours. Look to our extended daytime hours to accomplish up to 11 hours during the day.
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