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Our EEMedallions have been "hyper-charged" in the United States by EESystem using a proprietary  process for creating and permanently embedding the charge; dense intentional, super conductive scalar effects. This hyper-charging creates a focused and more intense field that provides an exponentially more powerful field than simply placing substances into an EESystem alone, allowing them to target and charge our products to carry and deliver the extraordinarily healthy, self-regenerating scalar field effects that have been lab proven to strengthen and enhance coherent DNA and cellular integrity and function.


Feel free to wear the EEMedallion on your choice of chain or cord other than the one provided. If you do choose to keep it on the black cord please tie a tight knot and burn the end to secure it.

Please note that due to high demand for these products we may not always immediately have the choice of stone on hand you are seeking. If we do not have your preference, we will endeavor to notify you when it becomes available & enable back-ordering for waitlisted stock.

Natural stones vary in color and may be different from those pictured below. While the charge does last indefinitely the bracelets are made of natural stone and can break or chip when dropped. Sometimes crystals have small imperfections and blemishes. 

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